Landscape... Man and Nature in peaceful coexistence
Aldeia da Mata Pequena is a small rural village, with a dozen houses, situated barely 30 minutes from the city of Lisbon. Close to the capital but so far from the hustle and bustle of the city...

It is located within the Special Protection Area of Penedo do Lexim, an extinct volcano where there is an important archaeological site. Proud eagles and stealthy foxes inhabit an extremely rich and well-preserved natural landscape, inviting visitors to relax, to indulge in leisure activities and to be in contact with nature.
History... and stories of days gone by
Human presence in Mata Pequena dates to the Roman occupation, as demonstrated by the vestiges that have been found in the area. However, instead of the 70 inhabitants who lived in the village in the 19th century, now there are less than a score who stubbornly maintain the customs and traditions of earlier times.
a strong identity
Lost in time, Aldeia da Mata Pequena has benefited from its isolation, which has prevented less "enlightened" intervention that might have spoiled its authenticity. Appearing to awake from a long period of hibernation, Mata Pequena is now one of the rare examples of Traditional Architecture in the Saloio region north of Lisbon, remaining closely bound to its original identity.
Attention to detail... restoring the past
The combination of technical knowledge and respect for the past has resulted in a careful and balanced restoration.

Traditional materials have been used: stone, lime mortar, poplar, cedar and pine timber work, barrel roof tiles, stone flooring, wood-fired floor tiles, lime-washed walls...

These solutions, besides ensuring the aesthetic harmony of the group of buildings, guarantee a high level of comfort.
Respect the Spirit of Other Times
Traditional outbuildings such as hen houses, wells, pens, pigsties, and dovecots… have been preserved, as well as ovens, salting tubs, stone counters, and other details.

The houses have been decorated to the same exacting standards, capturing the spirit of times past.